• Enhanced nutrient uptake and nutrient efficiency
  • Increased tolerance and adaptation to abiotic stress (drought, salinity, etc.)
  • Improved crop quality characteristics i.e. homogeneous fruit size
  • Miscible with microelements: pivotal for fruits,
    grapes, vegetables, etc.
  • Rapid action: immediately available and functional for plants (leaves and/or roots)


Seaweed extract containing phytohormones such as auxins and  cytokinins:

  • Better and more vigorous root system
  • Improved fruit setting
  • Stronger plant growth
  • Higher stress resistance vis-à-vis drought, salinity
    and diseases
  • Earlier crop establishment
  • Better recovery from transplantation shocks or other stress factors


Chitosan products containing natural chitin sourced from shrimp shells and extracted using ultra-ray treatment for maximum preservation:

  • Biostimulant action:
    • Better seed germination
    • Enhanced vigour (better growth,
      more chlorophyll, etc.)
    • Higher yield (more flowers and better fruit set, etc.)
    • Increased shelf-live of the produce
    • Improved crop quality (fruit colouration, higher vitamin content, etc.)
  • Biocidal action:
    • Strong antimicrobial effect on bacteria and on fungi (phytophtora, fusarium, etc.)
    • Natural agent to prevent nematodes in soil
    • Foliar application as well as seed and fruit coating