Liquid foliar fertilizers and suspensions:

  • Specially formulated for maximum efficacy
  • Reduced stress for the plants due to balanced
    and plant-oriented nutrient ratios
  • Fast-acting formulations with rapid nutrient uptake
  • Instant response and greening effects
  • Miscible with all common plant protection products


Liquid fertilizers for foliar application on horticultural crops:

  • Specific products for specific uses
    • High calcium product (17% CaO) for common calcium disorders in fruits and vegetables
    • NPK liquids with balanced and complete
      nutrient ratio
    • Ca-Mg + B product for better fruit set and stress release
    • Liquid boron formulation with high boron content
      for crops requiring boron (13% B)
  • Guaranteed analysis
  • User friendly and flexible packaging sizes


Suspensions for foliar application:

  • Proven technology for highest efficacy
    • Small particle size for optimal uptake of nutrients
    • Highest analysis for maximum reduction in labour and time during application
    • Various products, such as Zn 42%, B 10%,
      Ca 35%, Mg 34%
    • No sedimentation
    • Safe to use and inert products
  • Guaranteed analysis
  • User friendly and flexible packaging sizes